Welcome to Surfer-Ways.
The way of the surfer!

Surfer ways is all about you, the surfer not just the professionals.

It's for those who enjoy surfing and the surfing lifestyle.

I will have information about surfing culture including music, movies and clothing. Image is a big deal so lets look at hairstyles - yes you too can have the sexy surfer hair.

And lets not forget the all important surfboard. Which one is the right one for you, what size should you get and which brand is the best - actually do you know which brands are out there!

Can't forget the wetsuit either because we want to surf all year round don't we? Do you know which one to get? Sealed or unsealed 3/2 or 4/3? I will tell you. You need a different type for different weather conditions.

How about some sweet surf spots. There are many around. Know where to go? What about where to stay? You will be able to search and find the ideal accommodation no matter what your budget.

Know the surfer language? Check out the surfer terms so you can talk the talk and walk the walk or should I say surf the surf!

So let's go on the journey together at Surfer-Ways.

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The surfer girls dominate the ocean with their amazing talent. Find out who the stars are and learn from the best.
Surfer Guys - who are the best male surfers and what's their story
Top surfer guys are young and old, wild and crazy, some filled with dynamic energy other male surfers with quiet dignity.
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Read some great surfer quotes here that make you think, laugh agree or disagree. Also some classic surfer quotes from my fav movie Point Break
Surfing Terms - Learn the surf language
There are many Surfing Terms. Actually there is a whole surf language. So pick up the surfer lingo here so you can speak it out there.
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Find out the surf reports surfers check before they go. Read these surfing reports before you go.
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Surfing movies, surfing dvds are so entertaining. Be in awe of the talent and laugh at the fun. The best are here.
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