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My name is Sia, I live in Melbourne and this is my site about being a surfer, albeit a new one.

I haven't been surfing long but I am totally addicted this is why I decided to start a site about it.

I actually wasn't too taken with surfing at first. I got the worst sunburn, backache, headache, sore arms, sore neck and sore legs. But with a little encouragement from Mick Fanning on Twitter below I kept going.

Thanks Mick :)

Mick Fanning on Twitter

I usually surf at Torquay but am learning about new areas so will be travelling to beaches as I discover the sweet spots.

Please feel free to email me and let me know your favourite spot, I might even join you!

Occy and Me

Occy and Me

As you can see I met the legendary Aussie surfer Occy.

He was signing autographs at the Billabong store at Torquay during the Bells Beach comp this year, 2010.

He was a total sweetheart throwing his arms open so I can run around the table and get a hug and a photo. It made my day.

Good on you Occy!

You have a fan for life. :)

(A bit of a faux pas on my side wearing a Rip Curl top in a Billabong store with a Billabong star! Oooops. Hee hee.)

Surfing at Torquay

Me at Torquay

The photo is of me at Torquay earlier in the day after I had a surf with some friends. As you can see behind me it was a great day for surfing, a bit frustrating with so many people but the ocean is for everyone.

Waves were good for a newbie. We had a good time. Then we were off to Bells to catch some action, not that I could see much as I am not very tall only 5'1 and I couldn't see over anyone.

Then after catching 5 seconds of Kelly Slater surfing then running up the beach we were off to the store signing to catch Occ.

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