Use the magic to make magic!

Yes Magicseaweed has the magic reports which will help you find excellent surf conditions to help you create your own magic.

This site has a lot of detailed graphs and charts and radar clips!

You can get surf reports and forecasts for all over the world. Continents include:

- Africa
- Asia
- Australia
- Caribbean
- Central America
- Europe
- Counties in the Indian Ocean
- Indonesia
- Middle East
- North America
- Countries in the Pacific Ocean
- South America

You will find lots of charts and webcams.

There are reports from Wave buyoys which are minature weather stations fixed at certain places in the ocean that report, via a satellite link, information about the current conditions to weather monitoring stations around the world.

A typical wave buoy will report wave height, period, wind speed and direction and the water and air temperatures.

Live wind reports, hurricane reports and if you want to get even more technical there is surf sciene too.

So as you can see the information is comprehensive and the countries they supply the information for is extensive.

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