Only Surfer Girls
really know how to surf!

Listed here are the top Surfer Girls of the day. They come from all over the world, and they rock the waves with their moves and grooves.

They easily ride though barrels, slice through the big waves and carve up the smaller ones.


Let's find out who these female surfers are and some fast facts:

1. Steph Gilmore - Australia
Three time world champ, loves music, plays the guitar and loves to surf Greenmount, D'Bah and Honolua Bay.

2. Silvania Lima - Brazil
Runner-Up in 2009 and 2008. A feisty Brazilian who earned a perfect 10 on her first wave at Honolua Bay for the Billabong Pro Maui in 2005. Loves to surf Maui, Honolua Bay, Mentawais Islands and Paracuru-ceara ronco do mar.

3. Sofia Mulanovich - Peru
World champion in 2004. Practices yoga, gives her time to Red Bull youth camps, edits video footage on her Mac and enjoys sushi. Loves to surf Tavarua and Lobitos and la Isla.

4. Coco Ho - Hawaii
ASP Women's World Tour Rookie of the Year in 2009. Enjoys playing tennis and eating cookies! Loves to surf Snapper and Lowers.

5. Sally Fitzgibbons - Australia
Won the ASP WQS 2008 (World Qualifying Series) by the largest point margin in history. One of the most technically proficient surfers of her generation. An accomplished track and soccer athlete. Loves to surf Green Island and Insides.

6. Melanie Bartels - Hawaii
Awarded the Kai Mana Award for Breakthrough Female two years in a row. Enjoys bodyboarding, listening to music and learning how to play the ukulele. Loves to surf Bay Views.

7. Chelsea Hedges - Australia
ASP Women's World Champion in 2005 enjoys listening to music, tennis and movies. Loves to surf Macaronis and Green Bush.

8. Paige Hareb - New Zealand
First New Zealand female in history to qualify for the prestigious ASP Women's World Tour. Enjoys all sports. Loves to surf Rocky Point.

9. Rebecca Woods - Australia
Was the ASP WQS No. 1 in 2005. Enjoys all sports including snowboarding, tennis and barracking for the Manly Sea Eagles. Loves to surf Maccas and HT's, Copa Point and Lennox Point.

10. Rosanne Hodge - South Africa
Stylish approach to wave riding with a fluid style. Enjoys bodysurfing, reading, beach running, swimming, drawing and being creative. Loves to surf Nahoon Reef and Q-bay Point.

11. Jessi Miley-Dyer - Australia
A goofy footer who loves her chocolate and coffee. Was ASP Rookie of the Year in 2006. Won Rio Surf International, Brazil ' 5-Star in 2009. Loves to surf Bronte Bunker.

12. Carissa Moore - Hawaii
Touted by many as the next big thing. 2010 is Moore's Rookie season on the ASP Women's World Tour. Enjoys hanging out with her little sisters. Loves to surf Barra, Lighthouse and Mentawais.

13. Claire Bevilacqua - Australia
Winner of the Women's Pipeline Pro, Hawaii ' 4-Star 2009. Known as the ripped rocket with the nickname Houdini for appearing out of nowhere when someone mentions her name.

Enjoys skating, dancing, editing mini movies, yoga, writing, health & nutrition and living as natural and eco friendly as possible.

Loves to surf Pipeline and Backdoor.

14. Lee Ann Curren - France
2010 will be Curren's Rookie season on the ASP Women's World Tour. Enjoys playing guitar and listening to music. Loves to surf LaBenne. Father is legendary surfer Tom Curren.

15. Bruna Scmitz - Brazil
A goofy footer with a smooth surf style is modest and intelligent. Voted one of surfing's sexiest females. Enjoys training and running. Loves to surf New Caledonia.

16. Nikita Robb - South Africa
Another goofy footer who enjoys training and reading. 2010 will be Nikita's Rookie season on the ASP Women's World Tour. Loves to surf Nahoon Reef.

17. Amee Donohoe - Australia
Took some time off tour and free surfed. During this time she injured her knee and underwent surgery which kept her out of the water and competition for about 18 months.

Enjoys wakeboarding, fishing, motorbikes, gym sessions, boutique beers. Loves to surf Sunset, Indo, Hossegor, East and West coasts of Australia

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