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On the beach you will find surfer guys carving, slicing and ripping it up.

Big waves, small waves, all waves they can do it all in all types of conditions.

These male surfers are the best of today:

1. Mick Fanning - Australia
ASP World Champion in 2009 and 2007, ASP Rookie of the Year in 2002 and ASP WQS No. 1 in 2001. A chocoholic who sponsors a child through World Vision.

Mick didn't compete the second half of 2004 due to a horrific injury that ripped his left hamstring from the bone.

Doesn't have any particular favourite place to surf just any pointbreak will do.

2. Joel Parkinson - Australia
2010 will be Joel's 10th year on the ASP World Tour.

Two-time ASP World Junior Champion, ASP World Runner-Up in 2009, 2004 and 2002, Perfect 20 at Billabong Pipeline Masters (2008), Vans Hawaiian Triple Crown Champion (2008)

Enjoys fishing. Doesn't have a particular favourite place to surf but loves the long waves.

3. Bede Burbidge - Australia
Affectionately known as the "White Fijian" who loves doing big aerials. Enjoys golf, fishing and footy. Loves to surf North Stradbroke Island.

4. Taj Burrow - Australia
Famous for his airs and barrels. ASP World Runner-Up in 2007 and 1999. Enjoys finding new music, editing surf clips and tennis. Has his own clothing line - Taj Collection. Loves to surf Western Australian Beaches.

5. Adriano De Souza - Brazil
ASP World Junior Champion (2004), ASP WQS Champion (2005). Enjoys editing movies. Loves to surf Trestles.

6. Kelly Slater - USA
Legendary surfer in his 16th year on the ASP World Tour in 2010. ASP World Champion in 2008, 2006, 2005, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994 and 1992. Slater went into semi-retirement from 1999 to 2002 before returning full-time to the tour in 2003.

Nine-time ASP World Champion, youngest ASP World Champ (age 20), oldest ASP World Champ (age 36), most elite tour wins in pro surfing history (39), record six time Pipeline Masters Champion (1992, '94, '95, '96, '99 and '08) and two time Triple Crown Champion (1995, '98).

Enjoys playing golf, music and fishing. Loves to surf Kirra and Pipe.

7. C.J. Hobgood - USA
One of the world's finest surfers with 2010 being his 12th year on tour. ASP World Champion in 2001. Enjoys playing golf, tennis and fishing. Only twin brothers on tour! See no 9.

8. Bobby Martinez - USA
Versatile in all conditions makes him a dangerous competitor. His impressive career has also sparked interest in Hollywood. There is talk of a major motion picture on his life story. Enjoys cross training through to boxing and playing handball. Loves to surf Teahupoo, Pipeline and Rincon.

9. Damien Hobgood - USA
2010 will be Damien's 10th year on the ASP World Tour. Enjoys playing tennis and fishing. Known as a fierce, competitive surfer who is very versatile. CJ is his twin brother, see no 7.

10. Dane Reynolds - USA
Has mind-blowing progressive maneuvers and a contagiously laid back approach to competition. His favourite past time is drinking beer. Loves to surf Trestles.

11. Jordy Smith - South Africa
ASP World Junior Champion 2006 and ASP WQS No.1 - 2007. Enjoys soccer and tennis. Loves to surf New Pier, J-Bay and Snapper.

12. Taylor Knox - USA
Much loved and respected surfer whose style you should replicate to know how to truly ride a wave. 2010 will be his 17th season on the ASP World Tour. Highest rating is 4th in 2001.

Enjoys extensive training and following his favourite baseball team the San Diego Padres. Released a surf exercise DVD - Loves to surf Pipeline, Ponto and Restaurants.

13. Tom Whitaker - Australia
Boasts a style that features classic rail work as well as progressive fin-free maneuvers. 2010 will be Tom's 8th year on the ASP World Tour. ASP World Tour Top 10 in 2006.

Whitaker has partnered with Youth Off the Streets in Bondi Beach to introduce surfing to disadvantaged young people. Enjoys golf, smiling and eating. Loves to surf anything with a bit of juice.

14. Fredrick Patacchia - Hawaii
Emerged as a leading threat amongst the Hawaiian contingent. ASP Rookie of the Year in 2005. Enjoys playing golf. Loves to surf Haleiwa, Rocky Point and Pipeline.

15. Dean Morrison - Australia
A member of the infamous 'Cooly Kids'. His mentor and current ASP President is Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew.

2010 will be Dean's 9th year on the ASP World Tour. ASP Most Improved Surfer in 2003. Enjoys playing tennis and a bit of touch footy. Loves to surf Hawaii and Australia.

16. Kai Otton - Australia
In 2007 Otton ended 8X ASP World Champion Kelly Slater's hopes for title No. 9 when he beat him at the Santa Catarina Pro in Brazil. He then went on to surf his first ASP World Tour Final with freshly-crowned ASP World Champ Mick Fanning.

Enjoys playing golf and listening to music. Loves to surf Merimbula bar.

17. Kekoa Bacalso - Hawaii
ASP Rookie of the Year 2009, ASP World Junior Champion 2005. One of the finest surfers to hail from Hawaii. Enjoys playing golf, tennis and drinking! Loves to surf Backdoor and Off-the-Wall.

18. Chris Davidson - Australia
Travelled with Tom Curren for quite a few years may explain his freakish natural talent. As a grom wildcard he took out Slater twice in a row during the Bells WCT.

19. Mick Campbell - Australia
2010 will be Mick's 12th year on the ASP World Tour. ASP World Tour Runner-Up in 1998. Enjoys hanging with his friends listening to all kinds of live, loud music, camping, beer appreciation and is a T.V. addict.

20. Adrian Buchan - Australia
One of Australia's most celebrated junior surfers. Collected his first career victory at the Quiksilver Pro France where he put nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater's victory champagne back on ice for at least another event.

Ambassador for Reach Out Foundation. Enjoys fishing, training, reading and playing table tennis. Loves to surf Avoca Point.

21. Tiago Pires - Portugal
First ever and sole Portuguese on the ASP World Tour and a national hero in Portugal. Affectionately known as "The Portuguese Tiger". Beautiful on-the-rail surfing. Enjoys hanging with his two nephews, likes to play tennis and go out with friends. Loves to surf Coxos, Cave and Safi.

22. Owen Wright - Australia
One to watch. Has a massive fan base. Handbook of aerial maneuvers, loves floating above the lip. 2010 will be Wright's Rookie Year on the ASP Dream Tour. Enjoys playing tennis and golf. Loves to surf The Lake.

23. Neco Padaratz - Brazil
WQS Champion 2003 & 2004. One year suspension for using steroids in 2005. Loves to surf Sunset, Restaurants Fiji, Jeffreys Bay, Gold Coast and Joaquina.

24. Kieren Perrow - Australia
Highest rating is 6th in 2003. Father was a professional shaper. Known for globetrotting in search of new waves. Enjoys hanging out with son Tosh, reading, fishing and eating chocolate. Loves to surf Lennox Point and OTW.

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