Surfing Movies....
They will entertain you

I love surfing movies. They are many and varied.

You can get:

...e.g. Step Into Liquid, September Sessions

Surfing Movies
...e.g Point Break, Blue Crush

Fitness DVD's
...e.g. Surf Stronger - The Surfer's Workout

Instructional DVD's
...e.g. Wingnut's Art of Longboarding

Learn to Surf DVD's
...e.g. Learn to Surf with Andy Irons

...e.g. The Occumentary - Mark Occhilupo

...e.g. Surf's Up

Two of my favourite surfing dvds are Point Break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves and Endless Summer II with the legendary surfers Wingnut and Pat. The first is a classic and the second one is an absolutely hilarious classic.

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