my favourite swell check site

Ever since my friend showed me Swellnet it has been the first site I use to check surf reports.

This site only has surfing reports for destinations in Australia but who cares when it is an easy site to use, nice and clean and easy to access and read.

Checking the surf report page of your choice of destination you get a photo then you get the beautiful easy to read and free 5 Day Swell Graph. Easy bar chart that is easy to read.

You are also told the best days to surf which is great. No need to read anything else if you don't want to. Just check that and plan your week or off you go if the surf is good on that day.

Not sure which board to take? Not a problem because you also get a suggestion for the best board to use.

Heading further down the page you get the Weather Conditions report.

Next to this is the 24 Hr Wind Data.

Click on the Surf Forecast for a bit more in-depth info for each day.

The next tab is the Extended Report which gives you even more swell information.

If you need some more visuals check the Surfcam if there is one for your choice of destination.

Well guess what there is more! Yes it's true.

Other items you will find on Swellnet is:

- Current Surf news
- Photo galleries
- Videos
- Forums you can contribute to and so much more....

Just love it. How can you want more. Check out


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